Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!!  

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Yes. I am 25 years old. ACK! Feels like an eternity and like the rest of my life will pass in a moment. I can't believe 25 years passed already... and I didn't even fully use them! Can I get a refund please??? =)
I haven't done anything interesting in my 24th year, so for me, this is a retake on the 24th one. I will kept telling people I'm 24 lol. Let's see if I can get to do something worthy with this next year!! (I do really hope so!)

So, because it is my bday and I want to, I am sharing with you some of my favs. You can buy me anything you see there heheheeee


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are: hierapparel, sparkyjones, PhotoGrunt, FILOMENAsHouse, 123smile, MyDearDarling, SkinJourney, Ureshii, krize, heirloom08, baileydoesntbark, crankbunny, melaniefavreau, ninu, talkproof, hopee


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