Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is getting closer!  

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Yeah! We might not celebrate it much here in Spain, but I remember how much fun it was in the US.

So I have selected a few items that I think would be great as halloween costume, accessories or makeup! What do you think and what are you planning for this Halloween? What costume are you going to you wear?


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are: bangbangcrash, darkponydesigns, CreepyDolls, ilickyou, pinkquartzminerals, warriormaiden1984, SistersOfTheMoon, CreaturesByChelsea, Glamtastik, PeachyCheek, juror2, TomBanwell, BROOMCHICK, dirtybirdyvintage, loverdoversclothing, pinkquartzminerals

On a side note, we now have a facebook fan page for VivaLaModa magazine, I will post videos, photos, and announcements there so don't miss it!

Also, you can buy advertisment spots in November issue of VivaLaModa till end of this week, so please hurry up! =) 5500 readers each issue and counting! More info on advertising: Advertise in VivaLaModa magazine.

And I have some news on that. I will be donating 10% of November issue advertisment income to a charity: Akanksha's School Project for their new schools in Mumbaiand Pune, so every child in India gets a chance to go to school. This will be donated through The Uniform Project, a very cool project you must check out (hint: it will be featured in November issue!)