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Get Gwen Stefani's look!  

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At some point in this blog story I run out of fashion ideas to write about. So I went to the Etsy forums and asked people what would they like to see in a fashion blog. I got a couple interesting answers, and decided to go for the "Get the look for less" in this case "Get the handmade look". And most people said they wanted to see this for Gwen Stefani's look, so here it goes!!! =)

First of all let's say that Gwen has a very unique style that has changed a lot over the years. But one thing has always been there and defines her: RED LIPSTICK!

How to get the look in 4 steps:

  1. Get red lipstick. To make her mouth pop even more, she uses a lipliner and then tops the lip color with a sheer gloss.
  2. Smoky eyes. Copy her look, by applying a warm colored eye shadow, like taupe, to your eyes. Then use black eyeliner pencil to line the eyes. Finish the look by curling your eyelashes and applying at least two coats of very black mascara.
  3. She always wears clothes from her own label's clothing: L.A.M.B. If you really want to look like her, buy some of her clothes (easy, ah?).
  4. Experiment with your hair!
So, pretty easy. However, I didn't like the idea of buying her clothes to get this look because I think that even if you want to look like her, surely you want to add a bit of your own style, right?

I picked a photo of Gwen (thank you Google!) and went through the whole outfit finding similar items in Etsy. There are items in different price ranges, so, enjoy!


Sellers, from left to right, top to bottom, are (link to the item): iloveparrotkisses, RedMush, LuxEmbellishments, gilbea, FablesbyBarrie, setene, atouchofvintage, rookierags, MetroVintage, secretaryslounge, JacobsEye, wearnoevil, depalma, aosLeather, lipglossandblack, CNYResinCo

Well, if you look twice at Gwen's picture, you'll see that the items I picked aren't exactly like hers. It was super hard to find a plain white shirt! Can you believe that? Probably the best option is to get one a thrift store =) Also the belt was difficult to find. And I added one of my own items... sorry, couldn't help it! But I think the overall result follows her style.

And now, if you want to experiment a bit with your hair and get a Gwen's look, I found this video on Youtube, I thought it was fabulous! Only one thing: how do you do this on your own?? o_O

I think now you have everything you need to achieve Gwen's look =) and handmade!

Did you like this post? Would you like to see more of this style? Any other people you would like to see the "Get the look of" of?

On a side note, I found a great flickr group: wardrobe mix where people post their pictures with their own awesome outfits. So I will start a series on "urban" fashion thanks to them, yay! =)

Thanks a lot for reading!

How to get the look in 4 steps taken from How to look like Gwen Stefani
Image with Gwen and similar items to what she is wearing from nzgirl - Get the Look: Gwen Stefani

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