Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Product Review!  

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First of all,I hope you like the new look of the blog! For those who read this blog through RSS or Email, please come check it out and tell me what you think. =)

Charliemotel did the illustration for my blog banner. Exactly what I wanted, a fashion girl! =) I hope you like it too. After that I added the lovely illustration to a banner and a few more details and voilá! New blog.
Believe me, Meg (from charliemotel) makes stunning illustrations!!

Be sure to check her two shops if you want a print or custom illustration:

Well, back by popular demand, another product review! This time 2 items: short sleeved hoodie from angeldamico and earrings by iomiss. I have to say that I love both!!! =)

The hoodie from angeldamico is fabulous. It is the first short sleeved hoodie I have and I love wearing it! It's perfect for spring, summer and autumn =) I loved this print but it was on a shirt so I asked the seller if a hoodie could be made with the same print. Communication was great, and the final item is fabulous! Very well finished and the color is just great! It fits like a glove (I got a L size) and it looks very cute. The colors are vibrant and deep (yeah the photos I take are still pretty bad in that sense), it is white on the back and has 2 small pockets, lovely!

The earrings from iomiss were a birthday gift from my father. But don't think he has that good taste, I made a wish list for him :D I tell you, you should do the same for Christmas and Bdays, my father loves Etsy for this reason! He doesn't have to hunt the shops downtown anymore haha. I chose these earrings because I love green and purple, and this combination with black and silver looks great. And I wasn't disappointed, they are lovely! They hang perfectly and I highly recommend everybody to get a pair. I love them and wear them all the time.

These are the original photos of the items I bought:

I do totally recommend buying from both sellers: angeldamico (superb prints and top styles) and iomiss (fabulous earrings).

I give the hoodie a 5 out of 5 and the earrings also a 5/5 in seller's communication, product, finishing touch, and quality.

Hope this review was helpful for you! :) And yeah yeah I know! The quality of photos is really bad! ack =(

If you would like to review a handmade item you bought online (Etsy or not) please let me know!

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