Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Ok. Uninteresting topic right here. So when I published the VivaLaModa magazine, I got an email form someone who, if I remember properly, knew about it from this blog. SomeHOW, SOMEONE (and I'm evil looking at my father now) got into one of my mail accounts and CLEANED my mails (WHY on earth would he do that?) and now that email is GONE. Vanished! Please, whoever wrote me, I remember your ideas were great for next issue, email me AGAIN!!! I know I didn't reply ASAP, but now that I have time to do it, it is GONE! WHYY?? Email, please? =) whales get lonely when lost at sea (pack of 5 postcards) by starseeker59
This card describes my frustration for not finding the email LOL

And now, because I know the rest of the readers probably won't like to see these in their mailboxes (sorry!), I want to bring the topic of CPSIA. I know most of you know about it, and the ones that don't, it is a new US law that says all toys, clothing, etc for children will have to be lead-free (of course), but have to be tested. As you can guess, small indie business can't test their products to reassure you that they are lead-free, so they will be out of business in February if this law passes.
Vote to change it!! Thanks =) Your children will thank you.

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