Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOW Collaboration WOW  

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A while ago Bonzie and I got together (virtually lol) and decided to do a collaboration where I would paint some silk and she would make a dress with it =)

So by christmas I saw the dress finally made, and seriously, I had no words! It is named Fall of Night Handkerchief Halter Dress =) She made such a fantastic work with the silk, the dress is simply stunning. I was left totally o_O cause I love the dress so so much, I never even dreamt something so cool could be done with my silks lol

I wanted to tell you all guys about this collaboration a while ago, but life got in the middle and I have had barly no time to post in the blog (as you have noticed, of course). Who would have guessed being unemployed would be so time consuming LOL

Anyways, Bonzie did a photoshoot of the dress last week and send me the pictures and it just looks too amazing. I couldn't resist it and had to share the photos with you! My silk is in a photoshoot!!!!!


And here is the dress on a mannequin:

I feel so happy to see the outcome of this collaboration!

And, the dress is for sale at bonzie's shop! =)

So, what do you think? By the way, this has always been my dream, to paint silk for a designer who can make a great piece out of it. If any other designers are interested in collaborating, drop me a line!

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