Sunday, February 8, 2009

Live Interview!  

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Hello everybody! The blgo has been very neglected this week, sorry! I was out of town most days to do job interviews (and no, still have no job lol)

Probably it is a little late to announce this for some of you, but just wanted to tell everybody that I will be interviewed today (live!) at The Jewelry Connection - An online radio talk show for and about independent jewelry artisans!
The show is today at 2 PM Texas Time (3 PM EST Time). That is 8 PM GMT Time, 9 PM Spain Time. And the host is Mona, a wonderful woman!
Everybody is invited to attend, just have to go to:

If you are interested in knowing more about me and how I make jewelry, come and visit! =) (Oh, and you'll see my face too lol)

A preview of what is to see in the show today:

Apart from that, I have been taking photos for my new collection for spring. Can't wait to show you the new line!

Enjoy the Sunday!

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