Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar's fashion  

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So, tonight is the Oscar's night!

Despite the crisis, the bad moments or any other bad things happening in our lives, we can always turn to a good movie to forget all that for a few hours. Isn't that great??
And tonight all the Hollywood celebrities get together in the Oscar's night to see who wins. However, even more important than the winners, are the women's dresses! Yup! For a few days after tonight we will hear a lot about what was worn on the red carpet.

This glamurous night deserves a small fashionable collection, so here it is! I put together fantastic gowns, jewelry, shoes, bags and accessories worth being worn to the celebration. Hope you like it!


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So, Who is going to win? Best Movie? Best Actor? Best Actress?
I haven't seen most of the movies nominated lol But I am really tempted to see Slumdog Millionaire. Btw, Penelope Cruz is nominated for her role in Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. Am I the only one to think that movie was BAD???

What next?

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