Sunday, June 8, 2008

Things I love: Dresses  

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My birthday is coming up (Next week!) and I'm really falling in love with too many items in Etsy. Most of them I obviously can't afford haha. So this new section is for those things I love, but can't have :(
So if you wanna get me something for my birthday *wink wink* keep checking this section! =)

Silk Psychedelic Print Petal Wrap Dress by Duchess von Dudik

I adore this dress. Maybe I would like it even better with another print, but it still is my dream dress! It looks really summerish (is that even a word?) and lovely and also great for a night out with the girls.

oh, and... Don't buy it! It's mine (or it will when I have the money) ... mwuahaha!

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