Monday, June 30, 2008

Urban Fashion III  

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First of all I have to say (1 day late): We are the champions of Europe!!! After 44 years of not winning and 25 years of not getting to a semifinal I think it was about time. Somehow Spain is one of the biggest countries in football (soccer for americans) and a favourite but then the team always screws up. It's funny how I usually hate football and then the World cup or euro cup takes place and I can't stop watching the games. Maybe because you get to see all the stereotypes there: italians dress better, play rough. Germans are tall and big, Swedish are blonde. Spaniards are fast, thin, small and dark haired lol.
And somehow when your team wins it makes you feel happy, even though that is not gonna pay your bills haha.

I'm sorry for the germans because I noticed they are good loosers. They were sad and all that but I didn't see anyone crying. Maybe it's because Spain won not thanks to good luck but because they really played better. =) (I'm so sure if Spain had lost the players would have been crying. Spanish men are very emotional I guess lol)

And now back to the fashion world!

Last week I didn't have time to do this post, but it is one of my favourites so here it is again!
I love getting to see wicked outfits by regular people, they always amaze me and give me new ideas. Most of the times I end up thinking, wish I could get that style!

In my defense, I have to say yesterday I tried my own =) I will post it soon for your delight hehehe but even though I love fashion, I'm not very fashionable or have a real style lol

Anyways, here is this week's urban fashion take 3. Today: Elissa (aka spandexpony). I loved this outfit as soon as I lied my eyes on it =) I think you will too.
On the right, the original look, on the left, items I found in Etsy to recreate.

Sweater: thrifted, remixed!
Belt: thrifted
Tube top of non-modesty: UO
Jeans: American Rag
Minty delicious heels: thrifted

Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are (link to the item): salvagelife, kahiko, estatesale, postindustrialware, missbrache, iriestar, ChatuchakLimited, setene, cherrytomatovintage, tanjiamichelle, turquoiseheaven, CatseyeVintage

And, very very important, take a look at spandexpony's blog! It is just awesome! Full of great looks she sees in the streets =) and other fashion ideas and outfits. Believe me, you'll love it.

Hope you liked this post and stay tuned for next one!

P.S: Thanks Elissa!!! =)

On a side note I would like to announce that the shop floralia is having a 40% discount in her etsy shop! Get some really pretty fine art photographic prints.

Thanks for letting me know TickledPinkKnits! =)

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2 comentarios: to “ Urban Fashion III

  • July 1, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

    Congratulations on Spain's victory, Gilbea! Here at home everyone was for Spain too.

  • July 1, 2008 at 4:33 PM  

    Wow, it is so awesome to be given your Etsy treatment! Glow!!! Thanks for the shoutout!