Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fashion friendly item of the week  

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I'm back from Madrid!! I got one of the jobs! =) (Well, they asked me if I wanted to do a trial of 15 days) And I don't know if to take it or not.... I'm not much of a Madrid fan, actually I don't like it, but I understand most of the computer jobs are there. On top of that, I have also a few other job positions in other companies (out of the country) I'm interested in and waiting to see what happens with them. I think I might take Madrid's job just in case I don't get the other jobs, and if I do, take them. The problem is I will feel really bad for working there 15 days or 2 months and then leaving hahahaha. Should I take a job I already know I don't want (more because of the location than because of the job or company) only to have a backup plan? With the crisis and all, who knows if I will have another job offer or if I will be jobless for 6 months! I'm so confused!! And I need to decide by Monday or Tuesday, cause they want me there October 6! Argghghg I hate adult world, too many decisions.

I'll stop ranting now, and here goes this week's fashion friendly item:
Purple stickpin by creationsbyeve

Isn't it cute??? And she has 4 different ones, they are lovely:

If you think your items or someone elses could fit in this section, please post your pictures in the photo pool. Remember: Handmade / Vintage items only!

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1 comentarios: to “ Fashion friendly item of the week

  • September 29, 2008 at 12:29 PM  

    I totally understand you regarding the job decision!Having in mind the crisis we are having, I would accept the job and would have my mind open for something better :) I'm jobless for 5 months now and it's touch!
    Thank you so much for the feature :D