Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing the newsletter!  

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I have some big news today. I decided to start a Newsletter for the blog. It will be monthly unless I get a lot of contents and then maybe make it bi-weekly. And it will start in October! =)

I am looking for contributors that want to share their handmade ideas and write a short article for the Newsletter. I am looking for articles/stories about decoration, kids clothes & toys, beauty & makeup tips, tutorials, travelling tips, marketing tips, anything! Anything with a handmade / vintage twist. So, who is up for it? Either leave a comment here or email me (Contact at bottom left column). I will add in the side a section where I will link to all contributors. Anyone has great ideas for this newsletter? =)

For now, I have set up the sign up form, that you can see in the right column under the RSS feed. The newsletter will have decoration, marketing and travelling tips, as well as some recipes, tutorials and of course some fashion! All this info won't be published in the blog, so if you want to read it, please subscribe! =) After all, it will be a monthly thing so don't worry, you won't get tired of it. Thanks!

The holidays are almost here, and I am starting a series on gift guides in October. I already have a couple guest contributors writing a gift guide on their topic. Anybody would like to do a special gift guide? Original ideas welcome! =)

Thanks a lot for reading this, and don't worry, I have prepared a fashion article for tomorrow! Stay tuned for more fall trends!

One more thing, I have a home show today, so I am going to place as inactive a lot of items of my Etsy shop. Don't worry, I will activate them tonight after I know what hasn't sold. =) And more new collection items will be added to the shop tomorrow.

What next?

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