Monday, September 8, 2008

My new collection: Fall / Winter 08 is here!!!!  

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I would like to announce my new collection!!! =)
Yeah, I finally finishied the catalog, and here you can see it:

If it doesn't work or want to see it full size, you can see it here: GilBea at issuu

I will be adding the new items to the etsy shop this week.

The catalogs I made last season were so popular that I decided to launch a new shop: LarumbaDesigns where I offer catalog creation. There are many options:

1. You can buy a premade template where you can place your photos
2. Have me create a custom template for you
3. I can design the whole catalog!

And more options of course =) Hope you like it!!

Let me know what you think about the catalog, the new collection, and the new shop!! =)

I thought I could get into this graphic adventure since I'm "between jobs" - lol - still looking!

What next?

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