Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fashionably delicious - World Recipes - Agua de Valencia  

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I'm back to blogging! Sorry I have been missing these last days, between editing the online magazine and the job hunt I don't have much free time. It's so weird how fast time flies when I am not doing anything real (you know, being at home all day in the internet lol).

Anyways, I am back today to bring you a fantastic recipe, this time for a drink. A very typical spanish drink! (NO, not sangria, that I will show you soon so you can drink it on New years eve lol)
Agua de Valencia! =) It is made with Cava (Spanish drink similar to champagne, usually cava is cheaper than champagne hehe - If you can't find Cava you can probably use cheap champagne or something similar) and very very easy to make.

Hope you like it, believe me, it is yummy!!

Read the recipe at Hand Made Europe Blog!

All your friends will enjoy this drink at your next party ;)

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