Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Guide - Bags Addiction!  

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Yup, I'm addicted to bags! What woman isn't? And if it is not bags, it is jewelry, or shoes, or all of them! =)

I selected a few of my favourite bags, hope you like them! Most of my favs are big bags, I love tot ake tons of thing to work lol. I don't have any clutches because I don't see the use of something I can't hang on my shoulder, and I attend zero fancy parties so... maybe for a wedding...


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom: PurpleFlowerDesigns, emmapardos, takae, EmmaGordonLondon, tsurubride, mehran, minus, dearcollection, pego, TamamiKoBag, lifestylewithlove, tippythai

I specially love pego bags, I bought one in Spring, wear it everyday and LOVE it! You can read my product review here. And TamamiKoBag, I have been eyeing her bags for months now! Waiting for the right moment lol ;)

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