Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Trends: Accessories I - Bracelets  

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I'm back with much more fashion for you guys! And I think you will love this one. Or at least I will =)
I have always loved to wear all kind of bracelets, specially cuffs. In fact, I have tons of them (ehem, and even more earrings!!) and love to wear them in spring & summer.
But don't worry, you can also wear them in fall & winter. Just wear them over the sleeves of your turtle neck shirts. Fantastic look!

So what is in this season for bracelets? Basically: Rocker Cuffs. Big leather bracelets/cuffs with buckles, and metal. They are cool because they can be worn anywhere and with almost any trend or look. (well, probably they wouldn't match too well with a formal suit lol)

See a few examples I found in Etsy:


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom are: sewlutionsbyamo, ShiStudio, urbanheirlooms, hollyhawk, fosterweld, AnvilArtshop, LeatherFromtheAbyss, RADCOW, prairiejeweler

Do you wear this kind of cuffs? I do! Believe me, they can make any outfit stand out. I really recommend them for the jeans and tshirt girls out there. ;)

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