Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashion Trends: Accessories II - Gloves  

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But not any kind of gloves... fetiche gloves are, as usual, leather gloves. This time, the extra long version with short sleeved tops, the more classic ones and the casual look ones, all of them are fashionable this season!
I know Spring is here and the cold is leaving.. but until it is really gone, why not wear a pair of super soft and lovely leather gloves? =)

And here is a small selection that I found in Etsy:


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are: pafiberartist, CassiesAttic, BackThennishVintage, BackThennishVintage, sodear, riina6undesign

I hope you like them! I haven't worn gloves all this winter, only once or twice lol Not beacuse it wasn't cold, but because I kept forgetting them!!

Also, I have open dates for Giveaways from next week on if anyone is interested! If anyone wants to giveaway an item or gift certificate, please contact me (email at the bottom of left column)

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