Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WHA? Babydoll dress  

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I saw a lot of babydoll dresses last summer in the shops in my city. But it seems that this year the are out of fashion! (Or that's what designers say because I still see them in the shops!)

So this post is for those of you that bought a babydoll dress and like me, care little about what fashion says and you are going to wear them again this summer. :) After all, it cost money, and I can't just use it only one year!

I've always asked myself this question: What to wear with a babydoll dress??? Most look kinda shapeless and all that, always thought they weren't very flattering to my figure. I'm more fan of babydoll tops than dresses, but I still think they are pretty nice and wish I could wear one and feel pretty! ;)

And I did my research, finding this awesome video where it explains what type of babydoll dress fits you better depending on your body type.

After this video maybe I have tempted you with getting a handmade babydoll dress! HA! See my Etsy picks and see if you like any of these:


Sellers, from left to right, top to bottom are (link to the item): srbdesigns, AnastasiaChatzka, ouma, kristalovesyoda, AVCCrevamp, fabricfun, Makool, SecretLentil, unparalleledumbrella, AllisterAnn, blackheartbunny, Neurasthenia, Madrone, radclothing, alisondahl, Deadworry, sweetcharlotte, KellyMadden, malam, Nostalgia, KoreanDollz

Yeah, a lot of Etsy babydoll items!! Seems like this is still a strong trend in Etsy ;)
And you? Is this for you? Are you gonna wear something like this?

That was all for today. Next post will be about.... SWIMWEAR! :)
If you have any ideas for another post let me know, I'm running out of trends! lol

I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading.

Video from AmberMag found at Brightcove

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