Sunday, October 12, 2008

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I'm back home! And not for the weekend, so far forever! The job I got was not what I expected or what I was explained it was. I saw it as a step back in my career, even if the boss said they were hiring more people to start a developing team. I don't trust bosses anymore when they talk about hiring more people lol. Plus due to the timetable, it was harder to find a job in Madrid already having that one in Madrid that being jobless far away from Madrid lol.
I think this made me realize how what I want is (if possible) a job in a software company, not in the software/technical department of another kind of company. There is a big difference!
So in the next weeks I'll see if I can find one of those jobs and if not, then get one of the other kind. I'm back in the looking for jobs crazyness! Wish me good luck.
Ah, it felt like such a failure to be in that job only 1 week!! I hope leaving it wasn't a much bigger mistake than accepting it.

This week: Roundabout 5 - fused glass ring in lilac colors by vadjutkaI love it! =)
And you can also add a fused glass pendant to any outfit, they look so yummy!

If you think your items or someone elses could fit in this section, please post your pictures in the photo pool. Remember: Handmade / Vintage items only!

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