Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Because anything can be fashionable  

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So I bought a laptop before my failed move to Madrid. Now I have 3 computers at home (my parents home) lol. BUT, I will 99% sure move out of the house, so I will cherish this little thing for days to come, I'm sure of that. But black/grey is a little boring, don't you think? Well, I discovered we can make our gadgets even more fashionable! Laptops, iPods, phones, etc.
Some of you already know about this, I am talking about getting some cool skins for your gadgets! Dressing them with super cool art.

And I found two great sites that sell skins: SkiniZi and Gelaskins
Full of new artists, as well as old time classics!

After taking a look at their designs, what was my surprise when I found at least 2 Etsy artists on SkinIzi: gorjuss and Anne-Julie! I always loved their art and now I can have it in my laptop! Maybe there are more etsy artists, but these two are the ones I could recognize at first glance.

And now I am trying to choose between laptop skins, let me show you the ones I pre selected! =)
I know I know, I picked too many! But they are all so cool, I can't easily decide =) Plus I have to find if there is any big difference between the gelaskins ones and the skinizi's.
So, which one do you like better? Help me decide by posting your favourite (even if it is not in the list) in the comments ;)

And since my mp3 decided to die on me, I will probably get an ipod nano soon... mwuahaha!

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