Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fashionably delicious - World Recipes - Spanish Omelet (Tortilla de patatas)  

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Wohoo! Today we have a new recipe: Spanish Omelet (Tortilla de patatas)

As you can tell, it is a spanish recipe =) I heard some story about it being invented during some war in spain (too many to count) when villagers had to feed soldiers that stopped by and didn't have much food so someone decided to use eggs and potatoes because it was the only thing they had. And it's said it was invented in my region, Navarra, so yay for us! lol

Not to confuse this omelet with mexican tortilla, it is something completely different.

This omelet can be done just with eggs and potatoes, or adding onion too. Both ways it is yummy, everybody I know loves it! There are as many versions of this dish as chefs. After you master the basic version, you can add anything to it! A very popular version is making 2 thin omelets and in between placing cheese and ham =) Yummy!

Click here to read the yummy recipe!

ohhh the photo looks so yummy! Now I want a piece of it hehe. Enjoy the recipe and make it for your friends, it will be a complete success!

I also need to announce something: I am moving to Madrid! I accepted a job and start on Monday. I am leaving on Saturday, and I don't know if I will have internet at home, or will have to go to the library or cafe. So, sadly =( there won't be much action around here unless a neighbour has unprotected wifi lol However, I will try to update from now on and definitely post a couple times a week!

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