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We have all tried on uncountable number of bras, and it is very very difficult to find a perfect bra, having huge differences between bras with same size!

So I bring you this very interesting article about finding a perfect bra written by Myrte from Thanks Myrte!

On the prowl for a Bra.

Some time ago I decided all my bras were either worn out or just boring, and I decided it was time to buy a real comfortable and functional bra, instead of a cute and cheap one that didn't do justice to my boobs. I wouldn't end up with balconnet bra where my boobs would peek over at the end of the day.
This time I would get decent advice. I would be completely open to the shoplady's comments while she looked at my self conscious little me in the fittingrooms. This is something that happens here in the Netherlands. I would invest in a decent and expensive bra where my cup D boobs would feel like feathers so light.
With this in mind, and the shoplady by the hand I picked my favourite from the rows of undies. They should've stopped me right there and then. They should've protected me from myself when I picked a luxurious balconnet bra.
The devine balconnet, I love it, but it doesn't do a good job with me. In the fittingroom my unhappy boobs already wanted to jump off the balcony. But the shoplady assured me that it took some getting used to for them, but that they would stay put, honestly. Apparently mine are very naughty because they don't stay put.

Now I am a thirty-something woman, and I've had boobs for some time(yes, I was an early bird) and I think I am a little wiser than a lot of Bra-sales persons.

The average person in a lingerie store looks at two things: the circumference below the bust, and the circumference of the bust at the so called bustline. The way they relate to each other determines your size as you probably know already.
Now if you're lucky enough to figure this out you haven't found the right bra yet. If you measure wrongly you're likely to live in bra-hell, tucking your friends back in their cups all day. And when measuring correctly, do you measure with or without wearing a bra? With, they will say, but if you only have poorly fitting bras you will never find a new good one. The amount you get from measuring with a bra with bad support(one with which your boobs have dropped themselves in a free fall towards your ankles) will leave you with a new bra that is too small. The shopgirls don't have an impressive answer to that: only measure your breasts while wearing a good fitting bra. But to find a good bra you have to have a good bra already. That is similar to the wisdom of making a lot of money when you already have a lot of money. So without money you will not easily make more, as you will not easily find a good bra when you don't already have one. Thank you very much.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is the placement of your boobs on your body. Mine start almost below my arms!
The way they move, in what direction, the distance between them, and yes even the length measured from your collarbone to below your breast can matter a great deal when finding the perfect bra.

For some women it is too bad, but they have to keep away from sexy barely-there bras. They need more coverage. For others the shoulders will suffer with a certain style and they need one with a little boning or extra bodice for the support.

I myself have always dreamt of the push up bra, But my breasts won't be pushed in any direction they don't want to go.
As a consequence I end up with the push up pads in a strange position so my figure looks really strange and unnaturally big for the rest of my body.

I am trying to find the logic in bras and female figures. But it ain't easy. I have the strong belief that every boob should be able to sit at the right level or even higher. This goal I want to achieve. I can share some of my life lessons. Perhaps I can help others in the jungle of bras.

-Make sure the straps stretch as little as possible. In the old days when elastic wasn't as common as it is now, they used to be made of fabric. Perky tits was the result. Try to affix your straps by stitching them through and through at the right position. Then the slides won't make your breasts drop an inch with every step you take. The slides are nice for the manufacturer, then more women will fit them, but you don't need to switch the slides every month once you have the right position.

-Do you think you need the stretchy straps to prevent them from nesting in your shoulders? Try a bra with an extended bodice. One with boning would be perfect. This way the weight is devided over your body and not only your shoulders.

-Do you think you have size 80C? try size 75D once. A great number of women who will try this will no longer have the size they always thought they had. You need to up the cup size and lower the circumference size below the bust. If the underwire floats before your body instead to fitting neatly on the body you have the wrong size!!

-When fitting your bra make sure you fit the closure at its biggest postition. Elastic is a very nasty material that will loose shape soon. Then you always have those extra positions to tighten things up a little.

-And finally there's the jump and shake move you have to perform in the fittingroom. Don't feel silly, just do it. Hang upside down and shake'm, or do a handstand and shake'm that's even better.

If this bra survives these tests, I would advise you to buy one hundred of them, because you will never stumble upon another perfect bra. With an average life expectancy of 81 years and the average of 2,3 new bras per year, you'll be safe for a while!

Good luck!

And finally some bras I found in Etsy. I know you can't try them on to see how they fit, but they still look great! =) Specially underwear by OnTheInside, I'm gonna get one of her bras one od these days!


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom: OnTheInside, sandmaiden, queenBlingerie, MajoReyStore, gplingerie, ClareBare

Hope you find this article useful =)

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  • November 19, 2008 at 4:04 PM  

    Getting fitted by a professional can save you lots of time, stress, questions and back pain.

    Its the only way to go in my opinion instead of experimenting on your own with different sizes and styles.

    My boobs thank me everyday for consulting a professional :)

  • November 20, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

    I fit bras for over 10 years and it is so true how many women are wearing the wrong size. Many should be in larger cup sizes than they would ever imagine.

    Thinking of surgery to improve your figure? Just try getting the right bra and you would save money and pain. Consult a professional fitter - you'll be happier!

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. :)

  • December 14, 2008 at 8:56 PM  

    What a fun read, and so recognisable. There's a reason I make my own bra's ... :)

    You right when you think your size is 80C to also try on a 75D. But you can go lower as well. A 85B might also fit, because the underwires in the cup (if there are any) are the same size. The difference is only in the width of your rib cage. I posted a list of the most common sizes that have equal underwires on my blog (