Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift Guide - Cute items!  

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Or as japanese people call them: Kawaii! =) (the more i's the better lol)

Today's gift guide: Cute items by Jacqueline from Jqline. Thanks!

Holiday season is just around the corner! Anyone would just fall for these cute little items for your little ones or for anyone who loves all things kawaii!
This gift guild was inspired by my love for all things so cute they hurt! Have fun checking out these great finds and start your kawaii holiday shopping early!
Happy shopping! n_n


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom: creativethursday, lookmamamadeit, bumblebird, joojoo, kachingdesign, DesignsByWho, Jqline, woodmouse, prettylittle, chickabiddybaby, M0J0, Meekiyua, Joannarutter, mimisayshi, littlebigpants, steppie

I love these items! =)

Jacqueline's shop: Jqline

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