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Gift Guide - Ideas under $20  

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Yes I'm back from UK! I loved the place, it looks really close to my dream job! A great place, rotation through departments (great when you are a new grad and have no idea what you want to do!), great people, fantastic working hours and flexibility. If that job was in a sunny place in Spain it would be perfect! LOL
So I did my best, nothing I can regret. But there was a group exercise, and what exactly are you supposed to do on it to stand out? Oh well. Pointing out that English is not my first language I think I didn't do too bad =) I think I did well enough to get to the next round, but something inside me tells me I won't get this job even if I get to the next round! (Ah, how sad is that.... it looks sooo good!) Hope my guts are wrong. Thanks to everybody who wished me good luck =)

Anyways, here is the next gift guide. This one can be quite useful: items under $20! (Specially jewelry mwuahaha, I'm a jewelry addict) Thanks to Janna of jacjewelry

Holiday season is almost here! Before we know it, we'll be buying and wrapping presents for our loved ones. This gift guide was inspired by an idea to show you some great finds that don’t cost a whole lot – everything you see here is $20 or less!

There are some fantastic jewelry finds that will be nice compliments to fall and holiday outfits (earrings, a ring, necklaces and a wristlet), as well as a few things to accent your household (a porcelain cup, a bowl and fine art prints). We even found the cutest holiday gift tags! Everything in this gift guide is handmade.

Have fun checking out these great finds and start your holiday shopping early! Be sure to pick something up for yourself as well – holidays aren't always about others. :)



Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are (link to the item): dreaminofbeadin, betsy3, MAKUstudio, Meetalls, alisonkelleydesigns, poshplushies, amandamackay, muyinmolly, jewelera, baileydoesntbark, beadedoriginals, thebunnycage, Midnightcreations, SavageArtworks, sunlitletterpress, PrinceDesignUK

Hope you liked this guide! =)

Her shop:
jaC Jewelry

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