Friday, November 21, 2008

Gift Guide - Jewelry Lovers  

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This time the gift guide is written by me, I jumped into my favourites and selected the jewelry items that I liked most. Obviously all of them (or at least most of them) are jewelry for women. After all, most women are addicted to jewelry! (I know I am!)

Every family has a member who loves earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets. In my case it is earrings! So I hope this gift guide helps you out when choosing a present for that person.

Some of these items are quite expensive, that is why they still are in my favourites and not in my pocket! haha And I have many many more in my favourites, maybe some other day I will share them with you too =)



Sellers, left to right, top to bottom: ShereDesign, modernbird, indiaylaluna, Ricksonjewellery, AngelaGerhard, pepperberrystudios, bethpohlman, sirenjewels, bcyrjewelry, catiesblue, lunaticart, daniellejewelry, imogeneANDannie, lake, nervoussystem, sudlow, melaniefavreau, eninaj, ashhilton, Joannarutter, FigsAndGinger, Galeana, Yoola, naturalezanica

Hope you like these items =)

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