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Fashion in Pamplona  

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Yup, that's where I live. Ok, the name might not ring a bell, but what if I tell you here is where we have SanFermines? The running of the bulls? Yes... bulls running in the streets lol =) The fiesta became worldwide famous thanks to Hemingway. Now it is rated one of the 5th best parties of the world (in the top 5 there are 3 spanish fiestas - seems we know how to party! lol)
So San Fermines (or the running of the bulls for the rest of the world) starts tomorrow (6th July) and ends the 14th.
Obviously, what does this have to do with fashion?
Well, the city suffers a fashion transformation those 9 days!!
You can totally spot someone from Pamplona (the city population doubles in those dates) because he will be one of the only people wearing: white shirt, white trousers, red neck scarf and red belt.

And then you have the foreigners who mostly wear jeans or those typical safari american shorts LOL with maaaaaaaaaaybe a white shirt and a red neck scarf.
More and more the foreigners try to dress with the "uniform" of the fiesta hehe But there is one thing they don't know!
If you are buying a pais of white trousers, get the crapiest ones you can find cause you'll throw them away at the end of the party (seriously). NEVER and I mean NEVER wear sandals or FLIP FLOPS. Believe me, it's for your own security. The floor is flooded with disgusting substances (lol) + broken glass.

To sum up, San Fermines is definitely one of the best fiestas I have ever seen, if you like to be in a crowded place, and drink a lot :) Definitely worth seeing at least once in a lifetime! And maybe you can run in front of the bulls, right? =) And go see a bullfight (we have a different concept of a bullfight than in the rest of spain, as we only go to drink and throw stuff at people lol I don't remember ever looking at the bulls)

So.... do you want to come next year? =) Dennis Rodman comes every year to run in front of the bulls!

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