Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Product review!  

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I joined Etsy almost 1 year ago, and I started buying things in Christmas. Since then, either as Christmas / birthday presents or as gifts for myself *cough cough* I've gotten a couple fabulous items. Most of them are either jewelry or clothing + bags.
So... since this is a fashion blog, why not review some of the items I got?
I'll start with a top and a bag I got quite a while ago but didn't have the chance of wearing them until Spring.

Yes, I had a pretty bad face that day hahaha and the photos are of very poor quality (very bad color)... I have to fix that for next time.
To the point: the top I'm wearing is from Basho and the bag from pego, and I LOVE THEM!!!

The bag from pego was custom made because I wanted one of her bags but with longer handles. It has 2 great pockets inside and looks very resistant, very good quality. There was some issue with the mail but in the end I got the bag and she was so nice and helpful through all the process.

The shirt from Basho, I ordered a size that was too big but they quickly and very nicely fixed the problem. It has 2 side pockets and it is very comfy and nice. (If you are going to order this model get 1 or 2 sizes smaller than what you usually wear)

So, they are both super great sellers and very professional, and their items are great! The bag is very well finished (better than in most chain shops) and the top is also very well done and the print is super cute :)

These are the original photos of the items I bought:

I do totally recommend buying from both sellers: Basho (great tshirts and tops) and pego (fabulous bags)

I give the top a 5 out of 5 and the bag also a 5/5 in seller's communication, product, finishing touch, and quality.

Hope this review was helpful for you! :) Oh and I promise better photos next time :)

If you would like to review a handmade item you bought online (Etsy or not) please let me know!

In case anyone wants to know, the outfit I'm wearing is: top from basho at etsy, bag from pego at etsy, capri jeans from PullandBear, white sandals from ulanka, and belt I don't remember haha

And the winner of the set of 3 Thank You cards is: windycindy - Congratulations!

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