Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Blog Header/Logo  

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Well, I suppose I got tired of the current blog header and I want a new one! :)

Since the blog is being featured in different places and is getting more traffic these days I want something new, nice and cool to place in the header!
I took a look at Etsy's illustrators and chose a couple which I contacted wondering if they could design me an illustration: a fashion girl or something like that and if possible also related with handmade.
I don't have any sketches to show here or anything, but I will post an image of each illustrator's art from their shop. Some have already answered, some said they weren't able to do it and some haven't answered yet, but I thought they all deserved credit so here they are!

From left to right, artists are: Serpentine, girlvsworld, Goobeetsa, yaelfran, micawber, myfolklover, lellybelle, MundoGominola, brooklit

Click on the photos to see a full size picture and go to the artist's shop.

Please help me decide!! The images here are not for my blog, just samples of their current work.
But, whose style do you think would fit better the blog??? =) Which one do you like better?
or, if you know other illustrators whose style fits the blog please let me know too :)


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