Sunday, July 20, 2008

Urban Fasion IV  

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After this week of holidays I am back with more urban fashion!

I specially love this look by Eva (aka IBelieveInUnicorns) . It is sooo sweet! I love the beret + scarf idea, it transport me back to another era ;)

So, on the left the original look and on the right the Etsy items I found to recreate her look, in case anyone wants to change style a little bit. I know I'd love to dress like that so here it goes!

blouse: h&m
skirt, shoes & bag: free-section at the local flea market
tights: local brand
beret: thrifted
scarf: part of a thrifted blouse

Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are (link to the item): thirteenleafclover, flutter, gilbea, kirbyvintage, FantasyVintageWear, jessbobess, shazzasknits, knittles, junkenvyEtsy, raretreasure, shockhits, MariesVintage

All that and add a pair of white tights you probably have at home and voila! A super sweet outfit! =)

Hope you liked this outfit and stay tuned for next one! If you want to collaborate with one of your own outfits, please send me the photo or link. You can see my contact details on the left column. Thanks!

P.S: Thanks Eva!!! =)

Oh, and just wanted to announce that my last hand fans collection is already in my etsy shop. I only have 6 fans left and they are the last ones until next year. So if you want a fan this summer, hurry up! :)

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