Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gift Guide - Crafty Kids  

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Another gift guide! This time of the year is a little crazy with all the gift hunting and so on, so that is why I am trying to post as many gift guides as possible before Christmas in case anybody needs inspiration =)

I think this one is uber cute: Items to get kids into crafting! Thanks to Kate of katedowding

Sit a kid in front of a playstation or x-box and they will more than likely pick up the controller and instinctively know how to hold it, what the butons do and how to make Lara Croft jump off the ledge, make her spin around that pole thingy and land elegantly on the other side and not in a crumpled heap on the ground (ouch! thats enough of my frustrations)

Sit a kid at a table with a needle and thread or a stack of card and glue, will they get stuck in? Well probably, yes, kids are awkward like that and can turn their hand to anything. But, if your children think crafting is all about drinking tea while knitting a bumper supply of christmas jumpers, then take a gander and these 'make your own' kits which should steer them away from the TV screen for a little while.


Sellers, left to right, top to bottom, are (link to the item): kitsandcaboodles, orangemoontoys, feelingfuzzy, sweetpeababy, heatherknitz, MyKangaroo, blackbirdfashion, katedowding, kitsandcaboodles

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